Pyramid of Health - A Reference Book by Gibert Renaud

RECALL HEALING Most recent version: September 2017
Pyramid of Health - Unlocking the secrets of illness

  • English version : 309 pages September 2017 Edition
  • Hebrew version: 356 pages Reviewed Edition 2017
  • Emotional/biological meanings about more than 800 conditions and behaviors
  • Available in English and Hebrew on this website (this book is also in: Hungarian, Romanian, Turkish, Russian, Polish)
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Pyramid of Health (in Hebrew)

Pyramid of Health - Unlocking the secrets of illness

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Pyramid of Health (in English)

Pyramid of Health - Unlocking the secrets of illness

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William Lee Cowden, MD, MD(H)
Chairman of Scientific Advisory Board
Academy of Integrative and Comprehensive Medicine
Panama City, Republic of Panama

It has been my honor and priviledge to know and work with Gilbert Renaud, PhD for the last few years. He is a very caring, knowledgable, skilled and intuitive practitioner and teacher. Since I have been applying the Recall Healing techniques which I have learned from Gilbert on the patients in my practice, I have been amazed over and over again at the rapid and marked improvements that so many of my patients have experienced. When I asked my patients with severe chronic illnesses the right questions to resolve their buried emotions and associated disease-causing beliefs, as I learned from Gilbert, these patients quickly became healthy and symptom-free with very little other treatment. It has been very gratifying to use the Recall Healing techniques to restore hope and health to patients who were given no hope or help by many other health practitioners. Recall Healing – Unlocking the secrets behind illness, this Illness/Conflict Guide that Gilbert has compiled is an extremely useful reference tool to use in a practice setting when performing Recall Healing on clients. It is a great supplement to the wealth of information that has been so well-taught by Dr. Gilbert Renaud....
I strongly encourage health practitioners to acquire this Recall Healing guide and to apply its principles in their practices after they have studied the Recall Healing course material. I am convinced that this will ultimately help more hopeless people with severe illnesses than almost anything else that a practitioner can do.

W. Lee Cowden, MD, MD(H)

Co-author of the following books:
Alternative Medicine Definitive Guide to Cancer (1997)
Cancer Diagnosis: What to Do Next (2000)
Longevity, An Alternative Medicine Definitive Guide (2001)